A guidelines to kick off the Gold & # 39; s Gymnasium Problem

Congratulations! You have taken an important first step: you have registered for the 2020 Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge.

You are in the right place when you are ready to experience change. The Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge is about different types of transformation: physical, emotional and mental. Gold & # 39; s Gym will be your trainer and a resource for you every step of the way.

Make the most of the Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge by following our checklist to prepare for your 12-week trip.

Take your "before" measurements and photos.
Make sure you plan and take your pre-measurements and photos with a trainer. This is your official starting point.
Talk with a gold & # 39; s gym personal trainer.
Our personal trainers will be happy to help you! We set the industry standard for fitness. If you have a question, contact one of our certified personal trainers or coaches. Free fitness plans are available at many Gold & # 39; s gym locations. This is a great way to start the Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge with a plan.
Join the Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge Facebook group.
Here you can ask questions and find other support people who are vital to success. This community includes current and past Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge participants as well as people who have just started. Introduce yourself and say hello.
Share your success on social media.
Posting on social media is a great motivator and a great way to build a community where you can share your trip. Tag @goldsgym and use # GGChallenge2020 when sharing on your social media channels.
Get fitness on your calendar.
Make yourself responsible by setting up calendar reminders for check-ins and final weights. If you need reminders for the gym, insert them too.
Consider new equipment.
Get ready for the Gold’s Gym Challenge and treat yourself to new fitness equipment. You will change your life in 12 weeks – you can also change your wardrobe. Comfort and performance are important. (And you can start with some Gold & # 39; s Gear.)
Try something new.
Your body feels good when you try new things. Take one Group Training Course or download GOLD’S AMP ™, our digital coaching app with which you can start your everyday fitness routine.
Give yourself a high five!
You have signed up for the Gold & # 39; s Gym Challenge. It's a big step – and for every day you participate, you should be proud to become a stronger version of yourself.

Your fitness trip is yours alone, but you don't have to do it alone. Gold & # 39; s Gym is there for you at every stage. That means every time you go to the gym, we want to help you go one step further on your way. Remember, every step can lead to real change – what will you achieve in 12 weeks?

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